Celebrate Our Birthday With Us

On June 2, 2014, NMD United received the not-for-profit designation from the IRS as a recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and with the adoption of our bylaws, the organization was officially formed. This year our beloved organization turns three years old!

NMD United Birthday Video

Visual Description: A large number "3" wax candle is lit atop a small birthday cake not much wider than the candle. The cake has multiple layers including yellow cake and white cream filling. The top layer is bright yellow with 3 chocolate chips in front of the candle. In the foreground of the cake sits a multi-colored 'Happy Birthday' sign. At 20 seconds in, an unseen singer attempts to blow out the candle. He is successful on the third attempt.

Audio Description: A male voice sings: "Happy birthday, NMD United! Happy birthday, NMD United! Happy birthday, NMD United, celebrating community for three years!"

Happy 3rd Birthday, NMD United!

How You Can Celebrate With Us

Wish NMD United a Happy 3rd Birthday! Here are just a few ways you can celebrate with us:​

  • Contribute to our birthday GoFundMe fundraiser!
    This year, we aim to raise $3,000! The funds will be used to support our programming and grant initiatives. Donate any amount to help us reach our goal.

  • Purchase an NMD United tee-shirt!   Our tee-shirt birthday sale has ended!
    Give three cheers for community while wearing this comfortable cotton tee. Currently being sold in five colors and XS to 3XL sizes through May 24. Order yours today while merchandise remains available.

  • Share this page to your social media network!
    We're able to do more for a larger number of individuals with neuromuscular disabilities because people like you spread the word about NMD United. Help us reach out to potential members and donors with a personalized message celebrating this wonderful organization.

  • Connect with us on social media!

Why We Celebrate

NMD United meets an unmet need for a comprehensive peer support system.​​​ Today, more than 1,200 members, all of whom are adults with neuromuscular disabilities, connect and create an organization based on a unique body of knowledge and experience about what it means to live with a neuromuscular disability. Created to capture and document what we as a community have learned while living with lifelong neuromusular disabilities, NMD United devised a forum and projects for support and growth driven by people with NMD for people with NMD.

The purpose of this birthday celebration campaign is to promote awareness of NMD United and to raise funds in support of our continued growth and programming efforts. Specifically, we are looking to raise $1,000 for each year of our existence.