Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday celebrates America’s greatest traditions: generosity, entrepreneurialism, and community. Every act of generosity counts, and each act means even more when we give together.



This year, all monetary donations received by NMD United during our Giving Tuesday campaign will benefit the ALEF Grant Program. We guarantee 100% of your donation to NMD United will go directly to individuals living with neuromuscular disability.



We hope you'll join us this Giving Tuesday by supporting the efforts we give all year round!


You can help us reach our $5,000 donation goal today!

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Our Campaign Goal: $5,000

This Giving Tuesday, NMD United aims to raise $5,000 in donations! We're asking our supporters to demonstrate their support for the work we do on behalf of the neuromuscular disability communities by donating as you are able.


Funds raised this Giving Tuesday are designated for our Alex Landis Emergency Fund (ALEF) Grant Program. This grant program empowers adults living with neuromuscular disability by lessening the financial burden of out-of-pocket disability-related needs not covered by healthcare insurance or other community organizations.


Funds raised this Giving Tuesday campaign total $4,136!

This meter reflects donations from all funding streams, including our Facebook fundraiser, PayPal and checks or money orders.

You can help us reach our $5,000 donation goal today!

Donate safely via PayPal!

The Alex Landis Emergency Fund (ALEF) currently covers:


  • Personal Care Attendant Advertisement Fees

  • Consumable Medical Supplies (CMS)

  • Accessible Vehicle Maintenance and Repair


With your help, NMD United wants our ALEF grants to do more!


NMD United would like to be the first peer-led non-profit to give meaningful financial assistance for assistive technologies and other high-cost items. 


No other organization serving adults with neuromuscular disabilities

currently offers grants to cover these essential needs.

                                 2018 Budget             No. of Recipients

PCA Advert:

Medical Supplies:

Vehicle Repair:

Assistive Tech:

Fifth Grant:


   2018 Budget Total  $  8,000                            100 Recipients

$  1,000

$  1,000

$  2,000

$  2,000

$  2,000






Giving Tuesday donations will assist NMD United in expanding the ALEF Grant Program in 2018. We are making the following promises with each donation:


  1. In addition to the current three funds, we'll introduce a brand new 2018 grant to cover up to $100 per applicant in Assistive Technology!

  2. Our ALEF Committee members have committed to expanding the eligibility of all grants to include any adult with a verifiable neuromuscular disability!

  3. We guarantee a fifth grant category will be available July 2018!

By giving to NMD United this Giving Tuesday, you're granting immediate and direct assistance to adults living with neuromuscular disabilities.


More About ALEF

When one of NMD United’s founders, Alex Landis, died suddenly on June 28, 2015, a number of donations were made to NMD United in her honor and memory. NMD United wanted to use these donations in the best and most unique way possible. The Board chose to create a grant program aptly named the Alex Landis Emergency Fund.


In September 2015 the Alex Landis Emergency Fund (ALEF) Committee was formed, consisting of a group of community individuals who themselves live with neuromuscular disabilities. The first few meetings evaluated community needs, outlined the grant program, and developed policies and procedures for vetting applications. The ALEF Committee continues to meet every other week for up to 2 hours.

The first grant application was made available June 2016 and covered Personal Care Attendant (PCA) Advertisement Fees. Thus far, ALEF adds a new grant every six months! We are currently offering the following grants:

(1) Personal Attendant Care (PCA) Advertisement Fees up to $50 per person


(2) Out-of-Pocket Consumable Medical Supplies (CMS) up to $50 per person

(3) Accessible Vehicle Maintenance and Repair up to $100 per person

$  779.00

$  659.50

$  585.00  

Jan 2017 - present

Jul 2017 - present

Sept 2017 - present

As of November 2017, NMD United has provided the following type and number of grants:


                                      Grant Amounts                Duration

Medical Supplies

Vehicle Repair:

PCA Advert:


     Total  $  2,023.50              


#My Giving Story

Our volunteers give their time and skills all year round. Meet the ALEF Committee members that make this program possible, and read why they choose to give to NMD United!


Kendra Scalia

Chair, ALEF Committee

"My first experience with NMD United was in September 2015 when I joined the ALEF Committee. I deeply believe in the mission and vision of NMD United, and wanted to use my skills as a policy analyst to benefit the disability community. Shortly after joining, I fell in love with grant giving and took the role of Committee Chair. It gives me joy to hear from our members when an ALEF Grant has been able to make a difference in their lives! I envision a long future for the ALEF Grant Program, one that expands our grant categories into realms of disabled life that are often overlooked due to expense and/or social stigma. Adults with neuromuscular disabilities finally have an organization that recognize their needs as dignified, capable adults - and I'm honored to be a small part of empowering my community through financial relief!"

"I have been a member of the ALEF committee since the inception. Our biweekly meetings generally consist of reviewing and voting on applications, discussing the needs of our community, and trying to address them through our unique grant program. I volunteer for NMD United, because we are the only peer founded, managed, and run not-for-profit organization serving the needs of adults living with neuromuscular disabilities. While there are several well-known not-for-profits involved with the neuromuscular disability community, they are focused on research, treatments, and cures. This limits their ability to focus on those living with neuromuscular disabilities, and enabling us to live independently. ALEF has done some truly amazing work. We provide micro-grants for costs that are not covered or reimbursed by insurance, either private or government funded. These expenses include repairs to wheelchair accessible vehicles, consumable medical supplies, and advertising expenses for hiring personal care assistants. We are currently working on the next grant program, assistive technology. Our future plans for ALEF depend on funding. We hope to find a major benefactor, which will enable us to award larger grants."

Michael Wasser

Member, ALEF Committee

Emily Wolinsky

Member, ALEF Committee

"Alex Landis and I became very close while building the foundation of NMD United. This organization was her 'baby' and Alex wanted more than anything to see NMD United help thousands of adults reach their goals of independence. She would be so excited to know that ALEF grants are helping our peers in unique ways that other organizations serving adults with neuromuscular disabilities are not. All of our grants - for PCA advertising, consumable medical supplies, van maintenance and repair, and in 2018, assistive tech - are grants Alex would have loved because they meet specific and important needs within our community. Serving on the ALEF Committee brings me great joy because it gives me an opportunity to celebrate Alex's legacy on a daily basis and honor my friend."

"It is a pleasure to serve on the ALEF Committee and work closely with its talented members. Through the generosity of donors, our committee has been able to offer since June 2016 a new innovative grant twice per year to adults with neuromuscular disabilities. The fact that our grant program is entirely designed and run by individuals who know first hand how to independently live, work and/or play with a neuromuscular disability (NMD) is an important ingredient in ALEF’s success. We also devote considerable effort to poll and gather data from the NMD community. With our collective expertise and research findings, our committee is readily able to identify ways to ease the financial burden of life with a NMD on adults within our community, and thereby promote their independence. We take pride in the fact our program provides monies for the cost of items or services not covered by private or government insurances, nor traditionally covered by other not-for-profit organizations. We are enthusiastic to grow our donations in the coming days, months and years, and further champion the independent living skills of fellow peers with neuromuscular disabilities."


Kareen Zeitounzian

Member, ALEF Committee

NMD United is grateful to the handful of grant recipients who felt compelled to share their story with us this Giving Tuesday. Hear from some of our 2017 ALEF Grant recipients below about how this program assists them in maintaining independence.

Danny Egan, 2017 ALEF Grant Recipient

"Earlier this year, money was tight and I was in need of some of my consumable medical supplies. Private insurance and Medicaid refuses to pay for them despite my dependence on these supplies. Thankfully, NMD United has an emergency fund set up for situations like mine. The Alex Landis Emergency Fund (ALEF) is able to assist adults living with neuromuscular disabilities by providing grants to relieve some of the financial burdens. In 2018, NMD United is going to expand this help by offering an assistive technology grant. Assistive technology has been the largest contributor to my autonomy in recent years, and I'd love for many others to experience this independence. Please support NMD United and the ALEF grant this Giving Tuesday."

Shawn Stewart, 2017 ALEF Grant Recipient

Sarah Sanchez, 2017 ALEF Grant Recipient

Brandon Johnson, 2017 ALEF Grant Recipient

Melissa Eckardt, 2017 ALEF Grant Recipient

Jen Onsum, 2017 ALEF Grant Recipient


Donate to NMD United

You can help us reach our $5,000 donation goal today!

Your donation is 100% tax-deductible and is guaranteed to be provided directly to individuals in need!

Donate safely via PayPal!

Your $50 gift will buy

one advertisement for a new PCA!

Your $100 gift will pay for
a month of independence via catheter supplies!

Your $500 gift will purchase voice recognition software for multiple individuals!


Frequently Asked Questions



Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) and the widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday kicks-off the charitable season when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving. Anyone, anywhere can get involved in Giving Tuesday and give back in a way that is meaningful to them. From fundraising to volunteering to pro bono service, Giving Tuesday is a great way to engage with your community and to become part of a larger worldwide movement that promotes generosity.



You can donate to our Giving Tuesday campaign in three ways.


  1. You can donate via PayPal from this webpage by clicking any of the donate buttons, including this one:


  2. If you're following our social media campaign for Giving Tuesday, you can also donate through our Facebook fundraiser.

  3. If you do not feel comfortable making a donation online, you can mail a check or money order addressed to NMD United to: 11900 Metric Blvd., Suite J #121, Austin, TX 78758 (Be sure to write in the subject line that your donation is for "Giving Tuesday ALEF".) 

You can help us reach our $5,000 donation goal today!

Donate safely via PayPal!



The Alex Landis Emergency Fund (ALEF) Grant is an NMD United program offering grant money to individuals with neuromuscular disabilities. The ALEF Grant Program was founded in September 2015 after one of our co-founders, Alex Landis, unexpectedly passed away. We honor her legacy through this amazing program! You can read more about the ALEF Grant Program on our website.




We are currently offering the following grants:

(1) Personal Attendant Care (PCA) Advertisement Fees up to $50 per person

(2) Out-of-Pocket Consumable Medical Supplies (CMS) up to $50 per person

(3) Accessible Vehicle Maintenance and Repair up to $100 per person

Individuals are eligible to apply for and receive all grants in a calendar year.



Currently, 2017 ALEF Grants are available to individuals with neuromuscular disabilities who are members of the Facebook support group Living with M.D. Grants are awarded on an as-needed basis as long as funds remain available. Individuals experiencing an immediate financial hardship, such that their health, safety and/or ability to independently live in the community is impacted, are strongly encouraged to apply.



NMD United meets an unmet need for a comprehensive peer support system.​​​ Today, more than 1,300 members, all of whom are adults with neuromuscular disabilities, connect and create an organization based on a unique body of knowledge and experience about what it means to live with a neuromuscular disability. Created to capture and document what we as a community have learned while living with lifelong neuromusular disabilities, NMD United devised a forum and projects for support and growth driven by people with NMD for people with NMD.

Individuals with disabilities often face financial difficulties, many subsisting on meager government benefits of approximately $733 USD per month and contending with barriers in employment. Costs of disability, such as certain medical supplies or maintaining accessible features within one’s personal environment, are often not covered by health insurance companies or other organizations. Thus, the Board of Directors established the Alex Landis Emergency Fund (ALEF), a grant that helps adults living with neuromuscular disabilities (NMDs) by providing temporary relief in various areas of need. The ALEF Grant program aims to mitigate the out-of-pocket financial burden of disability.



NMD United, Inc. is a non-profit, peer-led organization composed of adults living with neuromuscular disabilities. We are governed by a working Board of Directors. NMD United runs on the generosity and passion of many volunteers.



None of your Giving Tuesday donation will go toward administrative costs. 



We guarantee 100% of your Giving Tuesday donation is given to individuals in need with neuromuscular disabilities! Our ALEF Committee is composed entirely of volunteers and, because of this, we experience $0 costs related to administering this program.



Yes! All donations made to NMD United are tax deductible. We are a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. For all donations over $500.00, NMD United will provide a formal tax receipt for your records. Please request a tax receipt for any donation under $500.00.



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    Giving Tuesday is so much more than one day in November. Pledge to do more in the following year. Support NMD United by joining one of our working Committees to continuously grow our programs!

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Neuromuscular disability (NMD) is a very broad term that encompasses many disorders that impair the functioning of the muscles, either directly (being pathologies of the voluntary muscle) or indirectly (being pathologies of nerves or neuromuscular junctions). Voluntary muscles are the ones you can control, like in your arms and legs. Nerve cells, also called neurons, send the messages that control these muscles. If the neurons become unhealthy or die, communication between the nervous system and muscles breaks down. As a result, muscles weaken. Sometimes it also affects heart function and the ability to breathe.

Types of NMD include, but are not limited to:

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

  • Becker Muscular Dystrophy

  • Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT)

  • Congenital Muscular Dystrophy

  • Distal Muscular Dystrophy

  • Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD)

  • Emery-Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy

  • Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy (FSHD)

  • Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy (LGMD)

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy

  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)

NMD United strongly believes in the social model of disability, a model that embraces the present day and strives to change society’s perception and stigma regarding life with a disability. We know and understand that disability lies in an environment, social structure, and broader system that does not take into account the needs of accessibility. With accessibility and inclusion, disabled people are empowered to lead fulfilling, enriched lives with dignity.


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