NMD United held a photo contest November 2017 with the goal of showcasing adults LIVING with neuromuscular disabilities. We awarded ten prizes!

And the winners are....

Danny Egan won a $100 Amazon gift card for getting the most shares and likes for his photo of him "living on the edge" at the Grand Canyon. Danny writes: "This photo of me on the edge of the Grand Canyon from several years ago while on my first multi-state road trip. Experiencing the Grand Canyon in person was life changing. It led me to want to explore more of our country's outdoors, and I've gone on several more trips since then. They are always full of great memories with friends and family."

In a fish-eye lens, Danny gets as close to the dropping point of the Canyon as possible with his power wheelchair. The expression on his face is not scared at all, but peaceful and serious as the expansive views of the gorgeous Grand Canyon display themselves in front of him.

9 Runner-Ups

All nine runner-ups pictured will each receive a $10 Amazon gift card. Pictures were chosen by one of our print designers.

Thanks to everyone who entered and participated in the contest!