This committee manages and promotes the Alex Landis Empowerment Fund, which is designated for members of Living with MD on a yearly basis. Ideal members for this team would have a background and/or skill-set in communications, business management, law, policy writing, and marketing. Members of ALEF have been meeting twice per month on Tuesday evenings for the last year. Oh, and no members participating on the ALEF committee will be eligible for applying for an ALEF grant. 


NMD United's Fundraising Committee will create a variety of fundraising campaigns and apply for grants, which raise the capacity of NMD United, so we can use funds to support projects and initiatives. Ideal members would have a background and/or skill-set in marketing, finance, communications, grant writing, and sales. This committee will meet virtually once per month at a time agreed to by its members.


This NMD United project involves creating Independent Living curriculum particularly suited for teenagers and young adults with NMDs, as well as their parents. This curriculum will be presented through a virtual course taught by adults with NMDs. Ideal T2I project volunteers will have a background and/or skill-set in education, communications, counseling or psychology, the Independent Living philosophy, public speaking, disability studies, research/reference, and social or human services. 


Volunteers will create surveys and analyze data gathered from those surveys of the needs of the adults with neuromuscular disability community. The goals of this project are to utilize conclusive data to help direct NMD United to projects and funding that can best support this peer-driven, peer-run, and peer-led organization. An ideal volunteer would have superior data analysis skills, assessment writing abilities, graphic design experience, and a background in education and or data science.


Volunteers will be responsible for designing advocacy and independent living projects and activities related to educating members of NMD United. Volunteers assist with the operation and facilitation of NMD United Virtual University sessions and create training kits/materials for adults with NMD on a variety of topics like PCA management and medical professional communication. Ideal members of this team will have a background and/or skill-set in education, graphic design, public speaking, mass communications, counseling or psychology, the Independent Living philosophy, disability studies, research/reference, and social or human services. 


Volunteers are tasked with socially engaging future supporters of NMD United through fun projects and contests that create a positive buzz/awareness about adults living with NMDs and our organization's mission. Ideal volunteers could have a background and/or skill-set in journalism, graphic design, creative writing, marketing, education, public speaking, film, and mass communications. 


Volunteers in this capacity will discuss proactive measures NMD United can make, such as letter writing efforts, to advocate on local, state and federal levels for legislation to benefit the disability community. Ideal volunteers would have a background and/or skill-set in mass communications, law, government, policy analysis, public speaking, public relations, and journalism. 


Volunteer with a focus on efforts to communicate through blogs, newsletters/mass mailouts, social media account posts and our website with supporters of NMD United. Ideal volunteers have a background and/or skill-set in journalism, film, graphic design, creative writing, marketing, and mass communications. 

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Are you an adult with a NMD and want to get involved?



1. REVIEW the list of different committees and/or projects above.


2. CHOOSE one or more assignments you'd be interested in and are capable of committing at least 2 hours per week (8 hours per month) of your time. Tasks will be completed and managed virtually through emails, Facebook messenger, and online project management application.


3. CONTACT US  and let us know a little about you, your background and/or skill-set, the best method and time to contact you, and what you would be most interested in doing and why.






4. A staff member of NMD United will reach out to you to discuss an initial INTERVIEW, which will be conducted through personal chat on the phone, internet, or over webcam. During that time, your availability and other details will be discussed.



5. You will be GUARANTEED a virtual seat on at least one committee or project where you can start volunteering your time and changing lives!

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