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Connecting adults with neuromuscular disabilities

During the weekend of March 7 & 8th 2020, NMD United volunteers came together to design a COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) guide for adults living with neuromuscular disabilities. The goal of this guide is to provide our readers with fact-based, reliable resources that educate our community on how to reduce and prevent the spread of COVID-19, while also providing practical coping tools and life-management strategies that can be used not just for this specific situation, but for addressing any viral or bacterial infection risk.

We hope you'll read this guide and share it with anyone who could benefit. 


Unlike many non-profit organizations, NMD United's staff is primarily composed of volunteers and our donations go direct to who we serve - adults with neuromuscular disabilities. We value your donations and put them to work!

NMD United is peer led and run by adults with neuromuscular disabilities. We have many volunteer opportunities available, local chapter events, as well as a diverse variety of projects and events to attend right from your living room. How's that for accommodating?

Our organization believes in the mantra "Nothing About Us Without Us" when it comes to serving the unique needs of our community. We showcase the talents, education, and potential of adults with NMD, while offering programs and resources requested by members.

We create.

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