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NMD United currently serves more than 2,000 adults living with neuromuscular disabilities (NMD).

Why choose us?

NMD United prides itself on its low overhead costs. Since we operate virtually, we do not have typical administrative expenses like brick and mortar non-profits do. We also are volunteer-led, meaning that donations go directly to supporting adults with NMDs.


In 2021 we were given a Platinum Seal of Transparency from Guidestar. We encourage you to support peer-driven and led non-profits like ours, which will make your dollar go farther than it would with a big box charity.


Donations go towards our projects and initiatives that focus on promoting the independence for adults with NMDs. Learn more about where we put donations to work:

How to donate:

We accept donations through Facebook and PayPal.

While we prefer secure online donations, we also accept personal check or money orders made out to NMD United. Please contact us if you would like to mail us a personal check and/or money order.

If you would like to donate to a specific project or initiative, please indicate this when donating or contact us.

Tax Receipts:

For all donations over $500.00, NMD United will provide a formal tax receipt for your records. Please request a tax receipt for any donation under $500.00.

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Woman sitting in her powerwheelchair in front of an ADAPT flag, wearing a NMD United shirt.
Woman sitting in her wheelchair wearing a NMD United tee
Brooklyn wearing an NMD United tee.
TK in his power wheelchair wearing an NMD United tee shirt in front of a red brick wall.
Man sitting in powerwheelchair in front of a body of water, wearing a NMD United shirt
Woman sitting in a wheelchair wearing a NMD United tee.
Man with short beard wearing a NMD United tee.
Woman elevated in her power wheelchair next to a bearded man standing. Both are wearing NMD United t
Woman sitting in her power wheelchair pointing at her shirt that says NMD United
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