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Our Board

NMD United's Board of Directors is a "working board" composed of multi-talented adults who are all diagnosed with neuromuscular disabilities (NMDs) from around the United States, Canada, and soon the world. Our board meets virtually four times annually and holds several committee meetings throughout the year to accomplish goals set under our mission and vision for the organization. Board members commit for a minimum 2-year term. Board members are actively recruited and selected from a large pool of diverse applicants with neuromuscular disabilities. NMD United follows the motto "Nothing About Us Without Us" and is one of the only disability organizations in the world that is both fully run and led by the people it serves. 

If you are an adult with a neuromuscular disability interested in serving on NMD United's Board of Directors, please fill out an application or contact one of our board members below for more information.

White woman with long curly light brown hair smiles at the camera, wearing a floral v-neck pink shirt and simple pendant necklace.

Emily Wolinsky

Board President
Founder 2013

White man sits in a wheelchair wearing a suit. The ADAPT flag behind him.

T.K. Small

Board Vice-President & Treasurer
Founder 2013

White woman smiling in front of a wooden fence. She has long blonde hair and a bright blue shirt on. Her wheelchair handles are visible behind her.

Brooklyn Marx

Board Secretary
Joined August 2018

White woman with bright red hair pulled back. Wheelchair headrest is visible.

Maria Sotnikova

Board Member

Joined November 2015

White man with short brown hair is wearing a blue dress shirt. His wheelchair headrest is visible.

Dan Darkow

Board Member

Joined January 2018

White woman with long brown hair. She is wearing a white shirt and sitting in front of a brick wall. Her wheelchair backrest and her trach is visible.

Ali Ramos

Board Member

Joined January 2020

White man in his power wheelchair. He is sitting in front of a bookcase and is wearing a pink dress shirt with a blue vest and bowtie.

Michael Wasser

Board Member

Joined January 2020

Dark skinned woman wearing a black and white stripped top. Bright green grass is in the background.

Liz Persaud

Board Member

Joined January 2021

A Chinese American woman in a power chair and wearing a white leather jacket. Her long black hair is backlit by a red sunset.

Aubrie Lee

Board Member

Joined January 2021

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