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NMD United Virtual University is the place for adults with neuromuscular disabilities to discuss important issues relevant to their lives and independence. We host discussions on an as-needed, as-requested basis. Our recordings are 1-3 hours long. Below are just a few of our most widely attended discussions.


Be aware that Virtual University discussions are led by adults. Topics covered and language used may not be suitable for individuals under 18. Also, advice and suggestions given during these discussions are driven by personal and individual experience only. Advice, suggestions and recommendations should not be considered as professional, medical or legal in nature.

Going Clear: Ways to Keep Our Lungs & Throat Free of Debris

People with NMD are at higher risk of dying from choking. Whether it be from the dreaded popcorn kernel we all try to avoid or a mucus plug, the idea of choking haunts us. I mean, most of us can't even do the international sign of choking like the guy in the cartoon up there. In this Virtual University session, we will have a number of presentations by members of LWMD who will offer tips and tricks for clearing our lungs and throats.

Access & Explore: A Discussion on Assistive Technology

The world around us is evolving at an astounding rate. Assistive Technology, or AT, has been foundational in this evolution and a catalyst for positive life-changing results for individuals with disabilities. Technology innovations are emerging at a rapid pace from wearables to robotics and mobile apps to connected homes. Much of this technology holds great promise for the future of independent living. This session will provide an introduction and overview of assistive technology and the Assistive Technology Act Programs as well as innovative solutions and trends to watch. 

Nutrition and NMD: with a Focus on Weight Management

Rachel Markley has a Master's of Public Health degree and is currently acting as a research assistant for a project on weight loss interventions for people with disabilities through the Baylor College of Medicine. Alana Theriault is a self-proclaimed foodie and has been cooking and teaching family, friends, attendants, and people with disabilities in Independent Living Skills classes, how to cook for almost 40 years. Both Rachel and Alana will host this discussion and focus on ways that adults with NMD can better maintain or manage their weight while staying healthy.

Pee As Free As You Wanna Be

This popular Virtual University session will explore the complex procedure of Mitrofanoff surgery in comparison to SPCs. Pros and cons of both will be discussed, and an emphasis will be placed on the Mitrofanoff procedure due to our limited experiences and knowledge of it.

In Medicaid, We Trust
Hosted by Attorney, Emily Munson

Emily Munson explains how income and resources are considered under federal Medicaid law. Munson focuses on trusts receiving special consideration, including special needs trusts, pooled trusts, and qualified income trusts. Testamentary and third-party transfers are also explored.

Just Google It!: Best Practices in Researching on the Web

When researching all the complex laws, regulations, policies, and programs disabled adults need to understand in order to achieve independence, Google is our friend! This hangout focuses on the best ways to get to the meat of what you want and need to know without wasting time.

Resume Building and
Interviewing Tips

Emily Wolinsky leads discussion on how to write a skills-based resume and offers strategies for getting the job you want.

Embrace Your Inner GTube: 
Life with a Feeding Tube

In this NMD United hangout, Courtney, Heather, and Brooklyn lead discussion on life with a feeding tube. These 'tube-sisters' talk about their experiences with g-tube placement, changes, feeding pumps, choosing the G-life, and more!

Cough... Cough... Cough... Someone says, "Bless you"

An open discussion on all the tips and tricks of the trade to get past the sniffles and on with your life. We discuss health rituals, doctor's best advice, product recommendations, and home-made remedies to get rid of the gunk that just won't go away!

NMD & Advocacy: Disability Integration Act Action

An important issue to many in the NMD community is the right and access to community living and personal care attendant services. The Disability Integration Act (DIA) will make community living and access to essential services a civil right for people with disabilities. Learn more about this ill, and what you can do to make this a reality. Learn more about the DIA here:

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