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ALEF Grants

The Alex Landis Empowerment Fund (ALEF) honours one of NMD United's founders by offering independent living grants to adults with neuromuscular disabilities. There are 5 types of grants in the area of personal care attendant hiring, assistive technology, accessible vehicle maintenance/repair, durable medical equipment, and consumable medical supplies. These grants provide community members with temporary relief from expenses related to living with NMD. Learn more.

Virtual University

Virtual University serves as a safe space for adults with neuromuscular disabilities to come together to discuss important issues and share experiences related to living with NMD. This program offers peer support, accessible education, and valuable resources to our community members in the hopes of forming connections and promoting independence. We host discussions on an as-needed, as-requested basis. Our recordings are 1-3 hours long and cover adult content. Learn more.

Smith's Showcase

Smith's Showcase honours Greg Smith, The Strength Coach, who served on NMD United's Board for the last year of his life. This showcase is an ever-growing webpage that highlights the art, work, talents, and stories of adults living with NMD. Our worldwide community has so much to say and share; this showcase offers space to do just that. Learn more.

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