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Not a "dying" teen

I dislike that you call her a "dying" teen. She's not dying, she's dancing. I have the same disability she has and I'm still living with my wife and my two 14-year-old children. Her life is very tough, but my 14-year-old would tell you that their life is tough as well. This girl is living, not dying. Dying is very sudden and quite permanent. Today I'm 46. My doctors and parents expected me to be dead by the time I was five years old. At 14 my life sucked. I had few friends, couldn't play outside, was constantly experiencing pain and discomfort. It was horrible and then… It gets better. I had a blast in college. I learned how to find dates with girls that could see through the disability. I learned how to make them love me for me. I gradually earned respect for my brain after years of trying to get a meaningful job. Her life isn't easy. Sorry, it's not supposed to be. You just try. And you never quit. And the rewards become the direct result of never giving up. I hope she changes her mind and keeps dancing.

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