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Support for Portlight Strategies & Disaster Relief

NMD United is proud to support the great work of a fellow peer run and led organization, Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies, as it prepares a significant disaster relief effort for people with disabilities in Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey. After Hurricane Sandy hit the northern east coast years ago, Portlight Strategies, "replaced lost durable medical equipment and ramping, and assisted residents in the area with purchasing and installing accessibility equipment." Adults with neuromuscular disabilities (NMDs) have been greatly assisted by the wonderful efforts of this organization. We hope that our $500 donation will assist Portlight Strategies, Inc. with their much needed and appreciated efforts in the coming days and weeks. To learn more:

And if you know of any person with a disability who still needs immediate assistance to evacuate, please call Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies's hotline: (800) 626-4959

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